FTC Ultra-Light Fish Descaler

FTC Ultra-Light Fish Descaler is a heavy duty descaler for industrial/commercial use.
It's equipped with powerful Parker Hanifin air motor and it's made for 8 hours daily use.

You don't need to press it hard onto the fish like other fish descalers.
Just nudging away with FTC Ultra-Light Fish Descaler is all you need to do.

900 grams handle makes it easy for the operator to manage it swiftly and long time.

Air Control Panel
  • Light, only 700 grams without any vibration.
  • All made by stainless stell and plastic.
  • Delivery complete with Air Control Panel.
  • Very fast way of scale removal.
  • Dimension:
    • L: 270 mm
    • W: 55 mm
    • H: 50 mm
  • Electric supply: N/A
  • Air supply: 210 litre/min, 6 bar
  • Water supply: 2 litre/min, 3 bar
  • Net weight: 0,9 kg
  • Shipping weight: 8 kg (with air control panel)
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