Pin Bone Removal

Pin bone removal is not only removing the pin bones.
These points are also important:

If your fillet looks like this,
you may have wrong equipment.

Fillet look like this after processing
by FTC Automatic Pin Bone Remover.

  Trio FDS2000PB
Skinning and pin bone removal in one machine!

  FTC QuatoMatic XL Pinboner
Four lanes conveyor, large capacity machine.
High yield.
for Baby Trout for Baby Trout, 7570KB
  FTC Double-lane Automatic Pin Bone Remover
Double-lane conveyors, high capacity machine.
High yield and optional with vacuum system.
  FTC Single-lane Automatic Pin Bone Remover
With new frame system, you can easily do
your daily maintenance.
High yield and optional with vacuum system.
  FTC Table-Top Automatic Pin Bone Remover
Single-sided conveyor. Ideal solution for family businesses, specialist Smoke houses, wholesalers with close links to the Catering trade.

For handheld Pin Bone Removers, please check Hand tools section.

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